Is your marketing spend letting you down? Struggling to get customers?

  • How many leads are you generating per week or per month?
  • What would it be worth to your business if you could increase your leads by 30%?
  • What if an extra one in three of your quotes was accepted? How would that change your finances?

Are you an entrepreneur who’s struggling to turn your marketing efforts into leads and leads in customers or clients?

Are you worried about how slow business isstruggling to make ends meet and battling to meet the payroll?

We help win clients for your business through targeted marketing.

Our services include:

  • Accountable marketing campaigns. A marketing reporting system that tells you exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing. Allowing you to easily decide which campaigns to scale up and which to cull.
  • Documented systems describing exactly how each cog in the machine works, step-by-detailed-step. You won’t be left carrying a complex marketing machine that’ll take someone else months to decipher.
  • A highly automated marketing machine that runs 24/7/365 and is designed to scale up or down. The last thing you want is a marketing agency moving on to greener pastures and your marketing stops dead.
  • A complete ‘marketing basket’ filled with all the corporate ID elements and brand usage guidelines you need to respond to media requests and spread your wings. This includes a brand new website and relevant Social Media presence. You won’t be left scrambling every time a great marketing opportunity knocks on your door. Nor will your marketing spread look scrappy and unrelated, prepared at the last minute.
  • A solid foundation of market research, ready to feed into composing and testing new ad campaigns. Ensuring your marketing messages hit the bull’s eye.

Karen and Bradley have over 24 years experience working with many of the top SA companies. This experience can be leveraged in your business.

We turn your marketing efforts into leads and leads into customers and are looking for entrepreneurial businesses that are wanting to grow.

PS: Don’t think of us as a ‘make things pretty’ graphic design company but rather as the ‘fix your marketing’ company.


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