Client Testimonials

“Karen is more than a talented designer – she is a highly conscientious and fair person which is rare in today’s cutthroat business world. I have a policy of only doing business with people whom I respect personally, and admire professionally, and Karen certainly ticks both of those boxes. I have been working with this fine lady for close on 15 years now and have no intention, whatsoever, of looking elsewhere for my design needs. Karen also has the very endearing trait of not realising how talented she truly is.”
– Gareth Crocker, Communications Manager, Tracker Connect Pty Ltd

“Doing your USP & Target Market Workshop has truly changed my life and my business. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend with you and Brad and to learn from you. My clients are on the increase and my business is certainly expanding. I am so excited by all that is happening and the doors that are opening for me. My sleepless nights are now because I am so excited and realise that I have more than enough opportunities right in front of me to make me extremely successful. I am in a WOW state most of the time these days! A million thanks to you and Bradley for being the link to the next part of my personal and business evolution right when I needed it.”
– Desrae Coventry, NLP Practioner and Owner, Make the Shift

“I have so enjoyed working on my rebranding project with you. We now have a great new logo and website. Thank you.”
– Cathy Jackson, Managing Director, Cathy Findley PR

“The workshop was very inspiring and definitely well worth it. Byron has already come up with a nice idea in terms of…” (For USP & Target Market Workshop)
– Byron & Wendy Smith, Owners, Agrispan

“The proof they say is in the ‘eating of the pudding’. With the newfound info on USP, still very inexperienced in the new dynamics, I tried it on a new client on Wednesday with wonderful results. Value already being obtained and that was my goal. Great, focused and value-adding to my business is how I would describe the USP.” (For USP & Target Market Workshop)
– Gordon Belton, Owner, Rivers Consultancy

“Dear Karen & Bradley, Thank you very much for the brilliant presentation last evening. I have received fantastic feedback from everyone who attended. You are awesome creative thinkers. The execution of my tough brief shows how well you understand my expectations.” (For website concepts)
– Dee Davis

“Just want to say thanks again and convey my appreciation for your efficiency. What a pleasure working with you. Working with another supplier has made me realise how blessed I have been to have you doing most of my ads for me. Lesson learned! You make my advert-designing challenge easy!”
– Nikki Sinclair, Owner, Marriage Meander Company

“I absolutely love the design! Fantastic job – bright, vivid and so easy to read, you magnificent creature!” (eNewsletter for staff)
– Gareth Crocker, Communications Manager, Tracker Connect Pty Ltd

“I have known and worked with Karen for some 20 years (14 of those being at Westcom). In all that time she has been a consummate professional, always meeting deadlines and turning out some mighty fine designs as well, particularly for Westcom’s biggest client, SAB Ltd. I have also worked with Karen through her graphic design consultancy Tiara Publications in my role at SABMiller Group Technical. Karen and her team designed and produced our logo for our vitally important Learning and Development programme which is run out of the Group’s office in the UK. The distinctive logo received international acclaim from an audience that is hard to please. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen.”
– Adrian English, Communications Consultant, SABMiller Group Technical

“Karen possesses the wonderful talent of being able to transform something bland into something breathtaking. Her amazing vision combined with her professional approach to her work is remarkable and makes her stand out from her competitors. She is simply amazing.”
– Ivan Talbot, Attorney & Partner, Talbot Attorneys

“I highly recommend Karen for the outstanding work she has done for us. She did the initial concept design and layout of our Missions magazine and continues to do this publication on a quarterly basis. She has also done the design and layout of our website which she continues to develop and maintain. Karen has proven to be professional, proficient and reliable. She is also very approachable and friendly and understands our needs.”
– Scott Wheeler, Pastor, Gospel for Africa

“I commissioned Karen to design a few adverts for my publication – The Marriage Meander. What a great experience I had! I emailed the various briefs to her; shortly thereafter I received the designs. My clients were very happy and made no changes. It was an absolute pleasure working with Karen. She is so easy to work with.”
– Nikki Sinclair, Owner, Midlands Marriage Meander Company

“I worked with Karen for over 13 years and can highly recommend her professionalism, creativity and thorough attention to detail. Karen will always meet a deadline, keep you informed and sets very high standards for herself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen and will happily give her a reference.”
– Wendy Sidwell, Human Resources Director, Westcom Public Relations

“Karen has given me great work at very competitive prices and is always on time. And she is always very willing to go the extra mile!”
– Alistair Mork-Chadwick, Counselling Psychologist, Midlands Assessment and Therapy Centre

“Besides being a brilliant designer with a great eye for fresh, clean layout, Karen is also skilled at copy editing. She has conceptualised magazine design concepts and she works closely with the editorial team to produce superb work. It is always a pleasure working with Karen – she is talented, dedicated and personable.”
– Donna Palinhos, Account Manager, Westcom Public Relations & Cathy Findley Public Relations

“Karen is a highly professional designer who always delivers beyond expectations. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend her.”
– Cathy Jackson, Managing Director, Cathy Findley Public Relations

“Karen is a creative and highly-efficient service provider. She is great at generating ideas and problem-solving as well as working within the scope of work set before her. She offers a high standard of work at a competitive price and is easy to work with.”
– Tessa Marsh, Account Manager, Cathy Findley Public Relations

“Karen is reliable and she works quickly. I have always been very impressed by the quality of her work and by how pleasant she is.”
– Joy Leon, Account Manager, Gaffney Group

“I know I can always rely on Karen to get the job done, timeously and accurately. Her design skills are top-notch!”
– Alison Parkinson, Studio Manager, Creativity